John Paxinos and Shadi Habash decided to combine their knowledge to come up with a solution that provides assistance to artists and art organisations when dealing with their tax affairs. There is no one too big or too small for us when it comes to the size of your business and helping individual artists is the core of our operations. 
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Tax Returns


For Businesses

$2,000 - Revenue up to $500,000

If your business earns up to $500,000, we can lodge your return fast while making sure that you get all of the specialist deductions and benefits that apply to the creative industries.

$3,000 - Revenue up to $500,000 - $1,000,000

The more you earn, the more complicated your
tax becomes - but only to a certain extent. 
We try to stop our fees rising alongside your income, meaning you can know in advance
what your accountants fees will be. 

$5,000 - Revenue $1,000,000 - $2,000,000

Once you start adding investment properties into the mix, things can get more complicated with tax - but even then we can usually take care of things for a moderate fee.

It’s Complicated - Let’s Talk

For larger companies or more complicated situations, give us a call and we will work out what you need - and what we can offer!

Self-Managed Super Funds, Partnerships & Trusts

Self-Managed Super Funds, Partnerships and Trusts range from the simple and straightforward to the complex and difficult. 
Call us to discuss your needs.


For Individuals

No Nasty Fee Surprises, Low Income Guarantee

If your taxable income is $37,000 or less, and you still wind up owing money to the Australian Taxation Office, we won’t charge you. 
That’s our promise.

$200 - Just Tax

If your earnings are wages only, we can lodge your return fast while making sure that you get all of the specialist deductions that arts workers qualify for.

$400 - It’s A Bit More Complicated

If you are operating as a sole trader with an Australian Business Number, your tax gets more complicated, and so does our work in making sure that you can deduct all of your allowable. expense.

Add $100 - A Moderately Scary Pile of Receipts

That daunting pile of receipts - both paper and digital - is one of the main reasons that artists don’t get around to doing their tax. 
Just hand it over and we’ll add it all up for you.

Add $200 - A Really Big Scary Pile of Receipts

If you are faced with a minor mountain of expenses to add up, and classify into the right sub-piles,
we can take away the pain and get your tax affairs in order.

$600 - It’s A Lot More Complicated

Once you start adding investment properties into the mix, things can get more complicated with tax - but even then we can usually take care of things for a moderate fee.

It’s Been A Few Years And I’m Terrified

It’s not unusual for people in the arts to go a few years without lodging a tax return. 
And the terrifying thing is wondering how the Australian Tax Office will react - and how much you will owe.

We are experts at sorting out these kinds of things, and making sure we are using every deduction you are entitled to.  And it is a lot better done now than waiting for the problem to get bigger.

Even if you do end up owing money, we can arrange for you to pay it off in small instalments.



Tax Advice

We are here to help you make sure you are doing the right thing and complying with the ATO’s guidelines and regulations. We also offer a variety of monthly packages to maintain
and review your accounts on a regular basis to make sure there are no surprises at the end of the year.

We have the support of the Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand, CPA Australia, The Tax Institute and of course the ATO.

Tax Audits

Getting audited by the ATO is not a bad thing. In fact it is a good way to confirm that your affairs are in the best possible order. We are here to help you make sure the ATO understands the background of your returns and why you’re using those dance shoes and your makeup as deductions.

International Tax

Australian Tax

If you’re planning to do some work in Australia as a foreign resident we can help setup your tax affairs to make sure you comply with the ATO’s regulations and guidelines.

Overseas Tax

If you are doing work or taking your business overseas we can help you make sure your tax affairs here are in order. We can be with you from the beginning and help you plan your trip so you don’t encounter unwanted surprises when you return home.


John and Shadi have been Authorized MoneyWorks Advisors for over ten years.

So we are perfectly placed to provide tax return services to clients who use it.

It is no secret that we consider MoneyWorks, by Cognito Software, to be the best and most cost effective accounting software available. Its power and reporting capabilities really come into force for mid-sized companies with complex reporting requirements. It is also the software of choice for back end functionality for a number of specialist industry programs.

We have experience in implementation and support in the sectors of Arts and Entertainment, Charities, Food Manufacturing, Real Estate, Construction, Motor Vehicle repair and many others. 

Cognito offers free software to Accountants who have clients using MoneyWorks to assist them in preparing Tax Returns. However many of these accountants have little experience with the software and often struggle to use it effectively. As a result a number of dedicated MoneyWorks users end up waiting too long and paying too much for their tax returns.

If you are a MoneyWorks user we would value the opportunity to give you a quote to demonstrate how much we can save you. 


About us


John Paxinos

From 1979 to 1985 John was General Manager of the Murray River Performing Group and the Flying Fruit Fly Circus.
Following this he obtained his MBA from Monash University.
These studies were funded by Arts Victoria and the Australia Council for the Arts to enable research into business structures for artists and arts organisations.

Returning to arts management in 1988, John established John Paxinos & Associates Pty Ltd to provide financial, management and consulting services to arts organisations. In 1992 he then established the not for profit, incorporated organisation Auspicious Arts Projects Inc., to provide a secure and accessible management framework to assist artists undertaking creative developments and producing new work. Currently he employs fifteen full time staff.

In 2011 John was awarded the Facilitator’s prize at the Annual Myer Foundation Awards. He used this occasion to formally acquit the funding he received twenty five years earlier.


Shadi Habash

After finishing an Accounting degree in Jordan, Shadi began his career in 2001 in the banking industry and managed to achieve the highest annual valuation record. From there he accepted a role in a small auditing firm but quickly realised that auditing was not the career path for him. 

He moved on to accept an offer in the construction industry, a role which allowed him to develop his skills in the areas of budgeting and reporting. 

This experience lead him to take up a position with a new holding company where he was given the task of building up the accounts and finance department from scratch. From having 5 employees Al-Jaidah Brothers became a multi-industry company with over 250 employees and a variety of businesses that ranged from Real Estate (Re/Max Properties Qatar), stationary and office supplies (Office 1 Arabia), shared serviced office (Regus Business Centres Qatar), toys (Build-A-Bear Workshop) and remedial therapy and treatments (Premedion Qatar). His astonishing performance granted him several promotions to eventually become the Finance Manager.

In 2010 Shadi migrated to Australia and chose Melbourne as his home. He accepted a position working in the arts industry with John Paxinos & Associates. During this period he completed his Australian Chartered Accountants qualification. Wanting to pursue an interest in both tax and the arts he has become a name partner in a tax practice with John Paxinos.


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Offers for Artists

We will be offering independent artists packages to assist in managing their tax.

Please check back soon to see how we can help. 



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